Nuno Press

We're thrilled the word is getting out about Nuno — here's what people are saying:

"Wrapping presents can often be the most time consuming and messy part of the holiday season. But there's now a local company who may have found the solution to clean and easy wrapping."



"Plenty of innovative brands are dreaming up sustainable papers and fabrics that you can feel better about buying...U.S.-based Nuno skips the paper altogether, offering fabric wraps made by repurposing the polyester of recycled water bottles."



"[One of] 25+ Sustainable, Eco & Ethical LIFESTYLE Brands And Retailers To Get Behind In 2017"

Sustainably Chic


"I FOUND THE MOST ECO-FRIENDLY AND PRETTY GIFT WRAP IDEA...The only sad thing is that I’m giving them away, sending them out into the world like a proud mama and hoping they are loved. I’m not above watching to see what my family does with them and swooping in to stuff them back in my bag for next time"



"These wraps are vibrant, stylish and wildly repurposable, and your gifts will never look more beautiful"

Ni Hao New York


"Nuno makes beautiful fabric gift wraps which are made from 100% post-consumer recycled bottles. Not only do they make for prettier presents, they’re fun, they’re reusable, and it’s almost like an extra little gift in and of itself. "

Green Or Die


"Whether you are looking for a beautiful way to wrap up a gift from a sustainable brand or a piece of handcrafted minimalist eco-friendly jewelry, you are sure to find a Nuno Gift Wrap for every occasion."