How do I take care of my Nuno Gift Wrap?

Nuno Gift Wraps are wrinkle resistant and machine washable. When not in use, fold and store them along with your favorite gifting accessories (or perhaps with your scarves). Machine wash cold on delicate cycle. Warm iron on reverse side. Do not bleach. Wrap. Gift. Repeat.

What size do I need?

Small wraps are great for small items like jewelry, fruit, votive candles and boxes that are roughly 4 inches square. Medium wraps are perfect for a few books, a box of candles and boxes that are rougly 6 inches square. And Large wraps will fit a shoe or shirt box or boxes that are roughly 10 inches square. If your object is larger than this, you will need two wraps. For more details on fitting a wrap to your gift, see our Sizing Guide.

Do I give my wrap with the gift, or do I take it back?

Nuno Gift Wraps are the icing on your gift-giving cake. And with infinite repurposing options, a Nuno Gift Wrap is the ultimate bonus gift. Your safest option is always to allow the recipient to keep the wrap. For example: The gift you gave your bosses wife— don't ask for that wrap back. The gift you gave your mom—maybe. The gift you gave your dog—definitely take that one back.

What are your wraps made of?

We use fabric made exclusively from 100% post-consumer recycled PET bottles for our Gift Wraps. In short, you drink from a water bottle. The empty bottle lands in a recycle bin (we hope). That water bottle is magically spun into thread and woven into one of our wraps. Shazam!

Where are your Gift Wraps made?

Our Wraps are printed, sewn, and finished in the USA (Kentucky to be exact). We sourced our amazing fabric overseas, and like to imagine that one of the bottles used in our recycled fabric was used by the Dalai Lama.

Will my gift show through the fabric?

Just like with traditional wrapping paper, there is always a possibility of show-through in light-colored areas in our prints. On the bright side—our wrapping techniques provide overlap and folds that minimize show-through in most cases. If your package is super top-secret, we would suggest purchasing one of our darker Nuno Gift Wraps. You can’t go wrong with Dotty Navy or Captain Navy.

How do you get the wrap to look so perfect?

Wrapping with Nuno Gift Wraps is one of our favorite things to do—so we’ve had a lot of practice. Take your time and be patient. You’ll get the hang of it! We find it's really helpful to tuck in the corners after the wrap is tied—just like you might tuck your shirt into your pants. Nice and tidy, there you go. Check out our How To Wrap page for more step-by-step instructions.

Can I have a custom Nuno Gift Wrap made for my business?

Soon, my friend! We're not set up for custom orders yet, but would love to collaborate on a custom order in the future. Contact us for more information!